Is there good SAG support or are you just going to leave me out there?

It depends on how you voted.  Just kidding! We have SAG vehicles patrolling every ten miles ready to respond to the rider in peril.


What if the weather is bad?

The ride will take place rain or shine unless conditions are too dangerous to ride (lightning, flooding, alien invasion, zombie outbreak). In the event of bad weather, the front page will be updated frequently informing you of any changes to the schedule. If we have to cancel, we will not reschedule and there will be no refunds.


Are there a lot of hills?

Yes, but you only really notice them when going up.


Do I have to have a fancy bike?

Nope.  Not at all.  But I STRONGLY recommend one with gears!


Are there Rest Stops along the way?

Of course.  There will be a Rest Stop at least every 10-12 miles featuring the finest in Road Cycling cuisine: oranges, bananas, sweet snacks, salty snacks, Gatorade, water and fresh PB&J sandwiches.


Will there be police protection?

Yes.  New Braunfels finest will be out and about on the course, especially at high volume intersections.


What if I sign up for the 62 Mile course and then get tired and turn around early but then recover and decide to turn back around but don’t quite make it the full length so then turn around again and hit the same Rest Stop over and over and end up doing more than 62 miles. Is that ok?

Um…yes…I think…but then, maybe…well…I think it might be ok…ish.


What do I get with my registration?

A BRAND NEW SHIRT (I know…amazing), a unique number, exercise, Rudy’s sandwich, Rest Stop snacks, and a delightful experience!


My question apparently is not “frequently asked” so it’s not here.  How do I get it answered?

Great question. Feel free to email and unanswered questions to